What To Put Under a Children’s Climbing Frame?

Some people like to put bark chips under their children’s climbing frame, but bark is not a good material. It will break down over time and needs to be replaced often, costing parents money and making a mess of the garden as it does so. You need to buy large bags and the ground will look messy.

berg playbase + climbing net

Another option for materials to put under a climbing frame is rubber mulch. When buying any type of mulch for your garden, make sure that it’s an organic material to help keep the soil healthy and give plants the nutrients that they need.

Rubber is great because it looks nice in any garden and doesn’t break down like bark. It also won’t make a mess of your garden like bark does. If the kids fall, they won’t hurt themselves on this type of flooring.

outdoor rubber mats - climbing frames in ireland

Some other great materials to use for your climbing frame’s floor are sand and soil, but these must be covered with something like old carpet or an old sheet. Otherwise you will end up with dusty sand that gets everywhere!

Some people like using pavers as a climbing frame flooring option, because they stack nicely on top of each other and create a flat surface for your kids to stand on while they play. However, make sure that if children do fall onto the stone, it will soften the fall.

Always make sure that you cover any floors with something soft for your kids to play on, and check out our site for more flooring options!